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One of the most popular teas in China, this organic variety of the Gunpowder produced in Zhejiang Province (where it is called “Zhu Cha”) is created by wetting the leaves a few times during the short roasting period. This slows the drying process and results in a curling of the leaves. Each leaf has been rolled into a small round pellet, resembling soldiers’ ammunition. 
Gunpowder’s rich honey-amber liquor only just begins to hint at the unusual flavors within. It elicits an aromatic smokiness in the scent, with a nutty twist to the earthy, full-bodied flavor, a little astringent and sweet on the finish.

Organic Gunpowder Chinese Green Tea

  • Ingredients:
    High Grade Chinese Green Tea

    Brewing Instructions:

    Infuse one teaspoon of tea leaves at 80oC.
    The same tea leaves can be reused 5 to 7 times.
    For the first 3 brews, steep for 45 seconds.
    Drain the tea from the leaves after each brew.
    Brew time can be increased for the last few brews.

    Net Weight: 100 grams
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