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Health Benefits of Tea

Composition of Teas (Camellia Sinesis) 

Amino Acids

Beneficial Effects:

  • Forms proteins

  • Improves heart function

  • Promotes the regeneration of cells in the body



Vitamins A, B, C etc

Black Tea loses most of its Vitamin C during fermentation


Beneficial Effects:

Vitamin B group:

  • assists in maintaining the normal functions of the nerve, heart and digestive system

  • formation of red blood cells – helps to increase resistance to diseases and prevent ageing


Vitamin C:

  • promotes breaking down of cholesterol, increases body resistance, assists in fighting cancer, reduces stress



Includes calcium, iron, potassium and fluoride


Beneficial Effects:

  • Calcium for strengthening of bones and teeth

  • Fluoride for prevention of tooth decay



Beneficial Effects:

  • Helps to reduce cholesterol

  • Fights infections

  • Combats the effects of free radicals

  • Anti-ageing / prevents over-oxidation of fats in cells

  • Promotes blood circulation / eliminates blood clotting



All types of teas contains less caffeine per cup compared to coffee

White teas have the least amount of caffeine, followed by green teas and black teas


Beneficial effects:

  • Increases alertness and improves concentration

  • In moderation, stimulates the digestive juice in stomach and stimulates the heart and respiratory system

  • Improves blood circulation


Health Benefits of Tea Drinking

  • Reduces cholesterol

  • Assists in detox and cleansing

  • Enhances metabolic rate

  • Assists in weight loss

  • Helps digestion

  • Increases bone density

  • Prevents tooth decay

  • Combats osteoporosis

  • Maintains youthfulness / Anti-ageing

  • Promotes longevity

  • Protection against cancer / heart disease / diabetes

*For Educational purposes only
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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