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Premium young tea buds, delicate flavour, high concentration of antioxidant 

KapiTea Premium White Tea, Health Benefits, High Antioxidant, Weight Loss
KapiTea Premium White Teas, Health Benefits, High Antioxidants, Weight Loss


A wide range of herbs renowned for their benefits as traditional natural health remedies 

KapiTea Premium Herbal Infusions, Herbs and Wellness, Natural Remedy, Sleep Tea, Relaxation Tea, Energising Tea


Premium young tea leaves revered for its health and wellness benefits for thousands of years

KapiTea Premium Green Tea, Health Benefits, High Antioxidants, Weight Loss


Popular fruit infusions for the young and the young at heart, as well as both tea and non-tea drinkers

KapiTea Premium Fruit Infusion Teas, Tisanes, Berry Teas, Kids Tea


Premium tea leaves skilfully blended to draw out rich tea flavours and aroma - a timeless classic

KapiTea Premium Black Tea, Health Benefits, Timeless classics


A lovely selection of tea pots and cups to enhance your tea drinking experience

KapiTea Glass Tea Pots, Cast Iron Tea Pots, Porcelain Tea Pots, Infuser Tea Cups, Tea Mugs


Premium classic Taiwanese and Chinese teas leaves skilfully blended to create unique beautiful flavours

KapiTea Premium Oolong Tea, Weight Loss Tea, Cleansing Detox


Convenience of teabags to let you enjoy our premium teas  readily.

KapiTea Premium Teabags, Health Benefits, High Antioxidants, Weight Loss


A range of tea paraphernalia to help you brew a divine cup of tea

KapiTea Tea Infusers, tea strainers, tea filters, disposable tea filters

Indulge in a Divine Cup of Premium Tea and TEAze your Senses with our Beautiful Selections of Finest Teas from Around the World.


Tea. Cha. Chai. Known by different names in different places, this treasured infusion of tea leaf in water holds the divine secrets to awaken your body, refresh your senses and sooth your spirit. It provides you with true indulgence and deep satisfaction as you sit back and savour its goodness.


Long recognised as a powerful healer since ancient times, scientific studies have since confirmed many of the traditionally held beliefs. These scientifically supported benefits include its use as an antioxidant in the prevention of cancer, heart disease, and stroke; its ability to promote longevity; its use as a digestive aid; its many benefits to women’s health; and its role in fighting cavities and gingivitis.


Convinced of the amazing properties and health benefits of teas, Divine KapiTea was set up to source for herbs from around New Zealand and to import the finest teas from around the world that have been skillfully blended by expert master tea tasters and blenders. We give paramount importance to the selection of quality grade tea leaf and ensure the freshness and quality standards of our teas.



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