A fine blend of black (Chinese red) tea from the Wuyi
Mountain ranges of the Chinese Fujian Province. The region provides an ideal natural environment for tea growing and is characterized by stout leaves with the fragrant aroma of pine wood.

Lapsang Souchong has a very distinctive smoky aroma and flavour. This unique flavour is produced by drying the leaves over smoking pine fire, allowing smoke from the pinewood to permeate through the leaves.

The resulting tea has a sweet, smoky pine flavour with a crisp finish that complements the natural taste of black tea.

Smoky Lapsang Soucong

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  • Ingredients
    High Grade Chinese Black Tea

    Brewing Instructions

    Infuse one teaspoon of tea leaves at 100oC.
    The same tea leaves can be reused 5 to 7 times.
    For the first 3 brews, steep for 45 seconds.
    Drain the tea from the leaves after each brew.
    Brew time can be increased for the last few brews.

    Net Weight: 50 grams


I love the flavours from KapiTea so much so that I'm ordering them from Singapore. My friends enjoy the high-quality tea and innovative flavours very much--these make great gifts! Grateful to Aymie for being willing to ship internationally to me. Thank you, KapiTea!

~ Tang Tang Heng


"Had an amazing morning with your Tea Appreciation workshop. Loved absolutely everything about it and will never drink tea the same way again! We learned so much and really feel enriched by the experience. Thanks so much!"

~ Antonia van Koeverden


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