The original "ChaCult" Tea and Coffee Maker of a very high quality. This product is made out of very carefully selected raw materials suitable for food processing.

The infused beverage is free from tea leaves or coffee grains. The Magic Maker is made from heat resistant plastic, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It is safe, practical and easy to use.

The patented automatic shut-off system of this product makes it easy to prepare tea or coffee and only releases the liquid once the teamaker is placed on a cup. As soon as it is lifted up again, the flow is automatically stopped.

Tea & Coffee Maker Magic II

$42.00 Regular Price
$31.50Sale Price
  • Direction for use:

    - Fill the filter with loose tea leaves or coarsely ground coffee
    - Pour boiling water slowly over the tea leaves or ground coffee
    - After the desired brew time, place the Magic Maker on top of a cup and the filtered beverage will flow into your cup
    - Once the Magic Maker is lifted up, the flow of the liquid will automatically stop

    Capacity: 500 ml

    Note: Tea mug not included


I love the flavours from KapiTea so much so that I'm ordering them from Singapore. My friends enjoy the high-quality tea and innovative flavours very much--these make great gifts! Grateful to Aymie for being willing to ship internationally to me. Thank you, KapiTea!

~ Tang Tang Heng


"Had an amazing morning with your Tea Appreciation workshop. Loved absolutely everything about it and will never drink tea the same way again! We learned so much and really feel enriched by the experience. Thanks so much!"

~ Antonia van Koeverden


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